Little Bay -Wrecks

Situated south of Camp Bay, a strip of concrete coastal defence has resulted in the creation of a small cove, aptly named Little Bay. It is historically known for being the location of a WW2 prisoner of war camp.


The first six meters of Little Bay are made up of a rocky slope, which gradually becomes a flat sandy bottom with scattered debris and four wrecks. All wrecks are generally done in one dive:


MV Panico

  • 17 meter white motor cruiser

  • Lies in 18 meters

  • Sunk deliberately  in 1993

  • Suitable for all certified divers


Admiral Rooke

  • 19 meters long Navy harbour patrol vessel 

  • Lies in 20 meters

  • Sunk deliberately in 1980s

  • Suitable for advanced divers and up


General Elliot

  • 30 meters long, sister ship to Admiral Rooke

  • Lies in 12 meters

  • Sunk deliberately in 2002

  • Suitable for all certified divers


The Dolphin 1 or M19

  • 21 meters long, ex-MOD lubricant carrying  barge

  • Lies in 26 meters

  • Sunk deliberately in 2003

  • Suitable for advanced divers and up


What can be found on the site:

  • Octopus

  • Cuttlefish

  • Conger and Moray eels

  • Nudibranchs

  • Spider crabs and common lobster

  • Wide range of fish species