The Team

Tony Aka Tone

BSAC 3 star and PADI MSDT


With decades of experience in the dive industry working as an instructor, Tony has built a great team around him so he can kick back and enjoy himself whilst watching the benefits of his years of hard work pay off.


Hobbies include:

  • Part time TV Star

  • Skiing

  • Riding his motorbike

Richard AKA Little Boss

Richard Watkins AKA Little Boss

PADI Divemaster Trainee.

Richard will soon be Dive Charters newest member of the PADI family and is taking part in his Divemaster internship this year. Being the son of the boss, he has to live up to the high standards of his father so Rich will have his work cut out this year but will definitely benefit in the years to come.


Hobbies include:

  • Reading

  • Travelling

  • Sailing

Shane AKA Shano

PADI MSDT and HSE Commercial Diver


In Gibraltar when the words 'scuba diving' are mentioned they are always followed by Shane, he has been instructing here on the rock for over 5 years now. With a background in construction he made the natural step into Scuba Instructing rather late in life but is thriving in his new surroundings.


Hobbies include:

  • Part time TV Star

  • Snowboarding

  • Riding his motor bike

  • Skippering the Dolphin Adventure boats

Sarah Hunt AKA Blondie

PADI MSDT Instructor


Sarah is back with Dive Charters for the second time, she has left the world of lawyers and come back to diving. She brings years of experience to team and is a friendly face around the dive shop.


Hobbies include:

  • Kite Boarding

  • Snow boarding

Vincent AKA Vinny

PADI MSDT Instructor


Vince came to the rock with no dive qualifications and wanted to become a dive instructor and decided to show up every day and hassle Tony until he bravely decided to put him through his courses. Vince is now enjoying his second season as a PADI instructor and is enjoying his challenge.


Hobbies include:

  • Going to the gym

  • Travelling

  • Managing Tony and Shane’s part time TV careers

Dive Van AKA Luxury Dive Vehicle (LDV)



Meet our dive van, she has led an interesting life and just like most divers she grew tired of same old nine to five routine whilst working as a school bus in the UK.  She decided to fill up her tanks and head down to Gibraltar. Now she transports hundreds of divers, their gear and cylinders to and from our shore diving sites and couldn’t be happier.


Hobbies Include:

  • Sleeping in car parks.

  • Drinking Diesel.

Tomas Pala AKA Boris

PADI Divemaster


Tomas is just starting his second season as a PADI Divemaster and is working towards becoming a fully-fledged Open Water Scuba Instructor at Dive Charters First IDC later on this year. He takes his role as a PADI Divemaster seriously and is a great role model for anybody looking to make the step up to PADI Divemaster.

Hobbies include:


  • Travelling

  • Reading

  • Fixing things that are not broken

Dolphin Adventure 1 AKA Big Dive Boat

Meet our big dive boat. She yearns to be full time in the diving industry but has yet to make the leap. Our 12m catamaran is used mostly for dolphin watching trips and larger groups of divers and can comfortably seat a maximum of 20 divers. She will soon be joined by her baby brother which is will be 6m rib with 115 HP in board diesel engine who will have a capacity of 6 divers.


Hobbies include:

  • swimming

  • dolphin watching 

Dive Charters Rib

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