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The Sun Swale

Welcome to Gibraltars newest wreck! The Sun Swale was a hundred and ninty five ton tug boat built in 1966. 

She is now a part of Gibraltars famous artificial reef project. 28 meters long, 6 meters wide and 10 meters tall, she sits in 22 meters of water, close to the rocks of the South Mole and very close to the Seven Sisters dive site. Fantastic for wreck penestration dives.

What can be found on the site:

  • Octopus

  • Cuttlefish

  • Conger and moray eels

  • Nudibranchs

  • Spider crabs and common lobster

  • Wide range of fish species

  • Great photo opportunities

This dive site is only accessible by boat and due to the depth is suitable for advanced cetified divers and upwards. 

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