​​​​Frequently Asked Questions


What is the water temperature?


The coldest the  sea gets in Gibraltar is around 10c in the summer it can reach 20c.


What type of suit do I need?


We use 6-7mm suites in the school all year round. Drysuits are good for the winter and summer but it can get very hot kitting up in the summer.


What time do we leave to go diving?
Normally we meet at the dive store at 0900 and 1400.


Do we do night dives?




Do I need insurance?


It is advisable to have your own insurance. For those holding an EHIC, it is acceptable in Gibraltar.


Can I take anything from the seabed?


No you will be arrested.


Should I park my car in Spain or Gibraltar?
The border queues can get very lengthy especially in the summer but they are also unpredictable. The dive store is around a 5–10 minute walk from the frontier.


What size cylinders do we use? 


12ltr 232bar although we do have a couple of 15’s for heavy breathers!


Do we allow solo diving? 




How many divers can we take out at any one time?


We have a RIB that can carry 6 divers, our large dive boat is licenced to carry 35 divers but we limit numbers to 20.


Are there hotels nearby?


Yes see our links page.
















How can I pay? 


Cash, card, paypal or bank transfer.

I have a medical condition will I still be able to dive?


 You will need to fill out the self certification medic form which is available on our wesite, should you answer yes to any of the questions you will need a doctor to sign it.

Im very nervous will I be able to dive? 


Our instructors are all very experienced and carry out hundreds of try dives every year. You will not be rushed or made to do something you don’t want to at any time you will be able to surface with your instructor right beside you. Once below the surface you will be looking at massive schoals of fish which will make you wonder why you were so nervous.

I get claustrophobic? 


 A lot of people say this and yes on the surface with the mask on your field of vision will be narrowed but once below the water you will be looking at a wonderfull panoramic view of the seabed.

Can I dive if I wear glasses?  


Depending how bad your sight is. Water will naturally magnify things underwater.

Do I need a certification card?


We are able to access the PADI system for qualification cards. For other diving organisation we will need to see a qualification card.

Do I need a passport to get into Gibraltar?  


Yes. Non EU passport holder should check that they do not require a visa.

Can I rent cylinders from you?


 We do not rent cylinders.

What if I haven’t dived for a while? 


Its always good to start off with a shallow dive just to make sure your happy with everything and acclimatise yourself to the water temperature. Our scuba brush ups are carried out in Rosia Bay or Camp Bay with one of our guides.

Do I need a permit if I dive with Dive Charters?


 No we hold all the necessary permits.

Do you allow re breathers ? 


Yes we do but if you are intending to stay down for hours we will organise a separate trip for you. There may be an additional charge.

Can we train in Gibraltar?


So long as you are going through our store otherwise you will need a permit from the Department of the environment.

Where is the nearest re compression chamber? 


 Malaga or Cadiz.

Do I need a medical to start diving? 


You will need to fill out the self certification medical form which is available on our wesite, should you answer yes to any of the questions you will need a doctor to sign it.