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Twin Jet Max - Spring Straps

Twin Jet Max - Spring Straps

Max out on propulsion with the Twin Jet Max. This high performance split fin delivers
“propeller technology” with a slightly stiffer blade than what you might expect in a
flexible split fin. Designed for divers who want more from their kicks, with this fin you
will enjoy solid propulsion and excellent maneuverability in a pleasing kicking motion
with minimum leg and ankle stress.

´ Dual-compound design results in a stiffer blade that increases propulsion and
´ Patented split fin propeller technology produces more propulsion with considerably
less effort
´ Drag-reducing vents where foot pocket and blade meet radically decrease drag on
both up and down strokes
´ Semi-rigid side rails improve stability through the kicking cycle
´ The foot pocket’s extended soleplate allows you to maximise the amount of energy
you expend on each kick without wasting energy
´ Steel spring straps never need adjusting, making it even easier to don and doff the

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